Epic Jams Vol I: B​-​Sides from the Primary Colors Sessions

by No Risk

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B-Sides recorded at Soundmine Studio in the summer of 2012 during the Primary Colors sessions.


released 13 February 2014

Dan Malsch - Producer (Soundmine Studios)
Mike Villegas - Engineer (Soundmine Studios)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Guerilla Monsoon
Guerrilla Monsoon

Disowned by your family,
cast out by your friends.
Cut down by conservatives,
blasted by critics.
And you keep coming back for more.
Yeah, you keep coming back to get kicked in the face.
A glutton for punishment, a superficial whore.
A lack of positivity, a lack of good faith.
That’s the ammunition I have loaded in this blast.
A flash-bang of rage, a lion in a cage.
Enough negativity in my life,
to cut you like a knife.
It can cut like a knife.
Dealt with it my whole life.
It’ll cut like a knife.
Track Name: Desperate Measures
Desperate Measures
Like the pauper that steals bread to feed his starving children,
I’ve committed these sins out of shear necessity.
I apologize and sympathize with the people I have hurt…
But if I had to do it all again, I’d do it all the same.
I just wouldn’t have gotten caught,
I would have saved myself the shame.
They say total, regretful, immoral upheaval.
A small price to pay for my family’s survival.
All the time that I’ve spent,
dreaming of a life that I could have lived.
All the time that I’ve spent,
working for the man, working for a paycheck.
All the time that I’ve spent,
worried about the kind of life my children will live.
All the time I’ve wasted,
working for a government that doesn’t give a fuck about me.
Track Name: Where the Weak Are Killed and Eaten
Where the Weak Are Killed and Eaten

No risk. No filler. No additives. No shit.
Just pure, unadulterated hits.
We rule the punk rock scene with
a heavy metal fist.
If you see where I’m going with this
Then let me take you for a ride
Far beyond incriminating lines…
Deep into the spirit of intangible desire.
Knowledge is the root of it
Expansive is the mind.
In honour of amendments,
Alas, our battle cry!
So I heard you sold your soul for your album sales…
So what?
Fuck moving mountains, we scale
atop a mountain of skeletons.
No Guts! No fucking guts at all!
And what they will achieve,
That I’m anxious to see…
Knowledge is the root if it.
Expansive is the mind.
In honour of amendments,
Alas, our battle cry!
But I sigh…

These kids would rather sit around, play Xbox all night,
When they could be out changing lives.
Maybe fortune will favor the bold,
In our unrelenting quest of impossible goals.
So ask a question that makes a statement to the world.
Maybe our ideals will be worth more than gold
When the stock market fails and we’ve bailed out the earth
Its just these delicate times, if I feel like I might,
I just might…
You’ll be the first to buy a round.
We let the jester wear the crown.
Look who got the last laugh now?
Track Name: Shiftwork
Hes a living business legend sitting 30 stories high.
This fat fuck perspires carelessness and lies.
Pinched between his greasy skull and fucking collar bone,
is business as usual on a cell phone.
Everyone stand up and give a round of applause for the blue collar-slave driver.
His accomplishments benefit no one.
Hes toxic fuel in a corporate fire.
This fucker’s no joke, and cutthroat
and worst of all hes packing massive pension.
He is widening the gap, phasing out the middle class,
despite discord and dissention.
The deciding meeting made the verdict crystal fucking clear;
“Administration takes no pay cut this year!”
Naïve, shit-nosed suits and ties burst into applause,
but for their gain there comes a great loss.
Meanwhile, ten miles further down the road
a single mother of two children.
Once employed by the man, one of the hundred fucking canned,
and she doesn’t even know it.
Theres no telling what type of sacrifice she’ll make
just to make these ends meet.
She’ll lose her pride and self respect,
sell her body, sell some shit.
Another derelict statistic because of him.
I propose a motion to remove
geriatric CEO’s posing from pedestals.
Lets bring ‘em down, we’re taking back the reigns.
Keep their backs against the wall.
Lets take these fuckers down
from their high horse, we’ll cut it at the legs.
Keep their backs against the wall, for a change.
Bleed them out. Leave them in the dirt.
Put their backs against the wall. Strike first.
Hit them back where it hurts.